Friendship...a Life Long Skill

09-19-2017Counselor's Corner

Sometimes teaching kids friendship skills seems trivial, but the reality is this is a life long skill that they will use beyond their school years and into adulthood.

How do I teach my kids to be a good friend, and what do they learn from it?

Kids learn sharing with others, what equal means, and they begin to know what it feels like to win and lose. They also learn to experience the difference between being a buddy and a bully. It is a great way to teach problem solving skills.

Where can they practice Friendship skills?

They can practice at school in the classroom in small group lessons, on the playground during lunch and free time, and being on sports teams allows them adequate time to experience other teammates. As adults, we use our skills in the community; at our jobs and in social activities we attend.


The Rise of the Millennial Parent

09-18-2017Counselor's CornerJames M. Pedersen

Parents today do not feel obligated to prescribe to any singular popular parenting style when raising their children. The recent trend in parenting has become much more eclectic, befitting the diverse cultures and backgrounds of children of the millennium. With descriptions such as "helicopter parents," "tiger moms," and "panda dads," parenting has taken on a much more diverse course. Understanding these details is important for educators to stay current with the latest parenting trends because each approach has reverberating effects in the classroom.

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From the Desk of the Principal: April Newsletter

04-06-2017AllChristopher Zunno

“Alleluia, He Is Risen!”  This phrase will be echoed in churches throughout the world while we are on Easter break.  What a wonderful thing for us to experience as Christians and as we reflect on this statement, we can truly understand the reason as to why our school exists. 

March blew in and out of Vegas, literally!  I can’t believe that we were subject to 85 mph winds!  That did not deter our students from shining once again.  In the diocesan Geography Bee, our team tied for second place and 8th grader Julian Lopez came in 3rd place overall.  In Forensics, 8th grader Allen Morones took third place in the Speech category and 6th grader Ashley Lopez took third place in the category of Monologue.  The UNLV Science Fair saw more medal winners from our school.  Sixth graders Kalia Ronan, Ashley Lopez, Hannia Morales won a third place medal for the invention category and 6th grader Aleksei Esau won 2nd place for his Earth Science project.  Our second grade class was awarded honorable mention for their grade level.


From the Desk of the Principal: March Newsletter

03-01-2017AllChristopher Zunno

Is it March already?????  It seems like not too long ago we were talking about the 100th day of school and now we are saying that there is only three months left to this school year.  I am shocked at how quickly we are moving along. 

February came in and left with a roar where we, once again, saw our students shine in some major spotlights.  First, at the Diocesan Science Fair, Kalia Ronan, Hannia Morlaes, and Ashley Lopez too first place in the 6th grade invention category.  They created the “Divincibot” and impressed everyone at the competition.  Next our JV Girls’ Basketball team took 3rd place in the Diocesan Basketball tournament. They worked so hard all season and we are so very proud.  Finally, our chess team impressed again.  At the tournament at Las Vegas Day School, St. Chris took home 5 medals and Archer Cortes took home the 2nd place trophy.  We are getting overloaded in the office with our accomplishments!  I guess our students want to put me to work building a big trophy case!


January 2017

01-27-2017AllChristopher Zunno

Happy 100 Days of School!!!!! As I sit and write to you today, I am thinking back to the moment that Fr. Dave told me he would like to hire me to be the Principal at St. Christopher Catholic School. I am amazed at how much we have accomplished together in such a short period of time. Our campus has gone through an unbelievable transformation in this short amount of time and our kids are getting better and better every day because of these changes. As I said to the students this morning, when we started in August 100 days looked so far away. Now that we are here, I know the rest of the school year will go as fast.


December 2016

12-01-2016AllChristopher Zunno

Well, December has sure come in with the cold weather that we are not used to at this time of year.  I woke up Monday morning thinking I was back in New York!  As we enter the season of Advent, we turn the calendar on a new Liturgical year.  How wonderful it has been to celebrate this year of mercy with all of you. 

November saw some exciting things happen at St. Christopher’s and I believe December has some more wonderful events coming.  As you may already know, our annual Christmas Bazaar is happening in the hall. There is a great deal of wonderful items for sale for our students.  Parents are also welcome to shop after school on Friday December 2 until 6:00pm and on Saturday December 3 from 9:00am – 12:00pm.  We will also be hosting breakfast with Santa on Saturday December 3rd.  Please see Mrs. Perdichizzi’s email for what will be available. 


November 2016

11-01-2016AllChristopher Zunno

Wow!  Can you believe we are already three months into the school year?  I am in shock at how much we have accomplished.  I’d like to give a quick recap of everything new and exciting that has happened this year at St. Christopher Catholic School. 

In September each of our classrooms and our computer lab were outfitted with brand new Smart Boards.  This has caused quite a buzz around campus.  Teachers and students alike have a new level of excitement everyday when they try something new on the boards.  We have also outfitted each classroom with a document camera so teachers can now display their textbook and other supplementary materials on the Smart Boards and still retain the use of the Smart technology while pointing out important information to their students.  The end of September brought the Bishop Gorman faculty and staff onto our campus to begin a beautification project called Gaels Give Hope.  If you have not yet seen some of the improvements, I invite you to come down and take a look at what was done in just three hours.  In October, Bishop Gorman also made a very generous donation of 20 laptop computers to our campus so our teachers can use them in the classrooms for research projects. In October, we were able to purchase 35 brand new computers for our computer lab.  If you have the opportunity, please thank Fr. Dave for procuring the donations necessary to purchase all this new technology we are now enjoying.  He, quietly, does so much for our students.