From the Desk of the Principal: March Newsletter

03-01-2017AllChristopher Zunno

Is it March already?????  It seems like not too long ago we were talking about the 100th day of school and now we are saying that there is only three months left to this school year.  I am shocked at how quickly we are moving along. 

February came in and left with a roar where we, once again, saw our students shine in some major spotlights.  First, at the Diocesan Science Fair, Kalia Ronan, Hannia Morlaes, and Ashley Lopez too first place in the 6th grade invention category.  They created the “Divincibot” and impressed everyone at the competition.  Next our JV Girls’ Basketball team took 3rd place in the Diocesan Basketball tournament. They worked so hard all season and we are so very proud.  Finally, our chess team impressed again.  At the tournament at Las Vegas Day School, St. Chris took home 5 medals and Archer Cortes took home the 2nd place trophy.  We are getting overloaded in the office with our accomplishments!  I guess our students want to put me to work building a big trophy case!

As we enter this Lenten season, I have been talking to our students about the fasting that goes along with this time of year.  As Lent teaches us to sacrifice, we discussed what are the things we should begin to give up. I had all sorts of answers; my X-box, my tablet, chocolate.  I talked with the students about giving up some things that will help us to become better Catholics, things like gossiping, not doing homework, not spending extra time studying, not taking the time to make friends with someone that may really need it.  One thing I stressed giving up for Lent is giving up fear.  We sometimes have fear when it comes to trying new things or asking for help when we really need it.  This is something that can hold our students back from truly reaching their full potential, not only in the classroom but in other skills they may have but they are afraid to explore those skills.  I ask you to keep encouraging your children to try new things at school; they may surprise themselves as to how talented they really are.

Some important dates that I would like to remind you of: March 3rd is a noon dismissal day; March 9th is the Diocesan Geography Bee at St. Viator’s, March 17th is a No School Day as teachers will be in an in service, and the Forensics Tournament is on March 21st at Our Lady of Las Vegas. Our volleyball team has been working hard and won their first game against St. Francis and will continue to make us proud with their hard work. Please see the schedule for days and times of games. 

I would also like to remind you that we are currently going through the re-registration process.  If you are going to be returning to St. Christopher’s for next school year, please return the form that was sent home with your children with a $100.00 deposit on the registration fee.  If that form did not make it home, please see Dulce in the main office and she will get you one.  Re-registration for returning St. Chris students is open until March 10, 2017 after that we will be opening the application process to students and families new to St. Christopher Catholic School.  Please remember that tuition assistance is available through Assembly Bill 165.  The AAA scholarship will open in March, the Northern Nevada Scholarship will open in April, and the Dinosaurs and Roses Scholarship will open in May.  When we have the exact dates that these scholarships will open, we plan on having information nights here.  Remember that the parish will pay for the application fees and you may apply for all three scholarships.  I cannot stress enough how important it is to get as many of you as possible to apply for these scholarships.  This year we had 54 students on full scholarship because of AB 165. Before you decide that you won’t be eligible, please come talk to us in the office.  You may be surprised at what the requirements actually are. 

As we enter the season of spring, I would also like to remind you that we will be switching back to our summer uniforms on April 1st.  Thank you once again for everything you do for our school and for entrusting your children’s educational development with St. Christopher Catholic School.  Please continue to tell your children that Mr. Zunno said “I love you all, and I always will.”

Christopher Zunno, Principal
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