Friendship...a Life Long Skill

09-19-2017Counselor's Corner

Sometimes teaching kids friendship skills seems trivial, but the reality is this is a life long skill that they will use beyond their school years and into adulthood.

How do I teach my kids to be a good friend, and what do they learn from it?

Kids learn sharing with others, what equal means, and they begin to know what it feels like to win and lose. They also learn to experience the difference between being a buddy and a bully. It is a great way to teach problem solving skills.

Where can they practice Friendship skills?

They can practice at school in the classroom in small group lessons, on the playground during lunch and free time, and being on sports teams allows them adequate time to experience other teammates. As adults, we use our skills in the community; at our jobs and in social activities we attend.


The Rise of the Millennial Parent

09-18-2017Counselor's CornerJames M. Pedersen

Parents today do not feel obligated to prescribe to any singular popular parenting style when raising their children. The recent trend in parenting has become much more eclectic, befitting the diverse cultures and backgrounds of children of the millennium. With descriptions such as "helicopter parents," "tiger moms," and "panda dads," parenting has taken on a much more diverse course. Understanding these details is important for educators to stay current with the latest parenting trends because each approach has reverberating effects in the classroom.

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