The Power of Love

02-05-2018Counselor's Corner

In February of each year, we engage in the discussion of Love. It’s Spring and St. Valentine’s Day too.

Love is a difficult emotion to describe for some, while others can explain in detail and what it really means and feels like. Love can be magical, in the air, felt in families, between couples and parents who love their children. It’s important to remember every person can show love in a different way. Cultures also see love differently and each has a unique way of displaying it.

Lets explore the many kinds of love:

  • Romantic love with a couple can be passionate and the strongest emotion ever felt.
  • Lifelong Love can be felt with a partner, an animal or for a specific purpose or hobby.
  • Across the Miles love is where absence can make us feel stronger about a person, such as military or overseas spouse.
  • Passionate love can be for a person, time, place or specific obsession.
  • Enduring love can be felt within a situation or timeframe requiring love to last for many years.
  • Puppy Love is like the first time you ever truly could express feeling loved.

Saying “ I love you” is one way to verbalize and express it.

Yet, others might ask,  “How does one give love?” Some examples might be hugs, kisses, or other types of displays of affection. Another way might be by simply listening, caregiving to an elderly person, or child and spending time with a needy friend. Some people show love through giving money, sharing time, a kind word, encouragement, or performing a job for someone else. Volunteering is a form of love. Helping others build or remodel a home is a form of love. Assisting the homeless to find a home or food is an act of love. We can give love to family or strangers regardless of our relationship with them.

Identify someone who has lost a family member, or one in failing health and do something special this month for him or her.

Accepting and giving love are equally important. At times, it can be hard to accept love without feeling guilty or feeling its charity. It’s important for us to remember a thank you, handshake, hug, flowers or cards are genuine acts of kindness and love from others.

Remember, the feeling of Love and hate are opposite and given the two which one feels better? Researchers say that people stay healthy longer by feeling loved and giving love.

Can you  “love your neighbors?” Can we” love our Enemies!” It’s a real challenging thing to think about and do. How hard is it to love a person who has wronged or hurt you or your family? An apology is an act of love.

Why don’t you challenge yourself this month to reach out in some small way in your school or community to love someone that you have never known before and just see how it feels.

In 1 Corinthians 13:13... "And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love."

I challenge you to find ways to show the ones closest to you that you love them this month.