How to talk to your child about the coronavirus (COVID-19)

03-23-2020Counselor's Corner

How to talk to students (via the National Association of School Psychologists)

Elementary school age students: These students need brief, simple information that balance COVID-19 facts with the reassurances that places like school and homes are safe and that adults there to keep them safe and healthy. Give simple examples of everyday steps to keep themselves healthy such as washing hands.

Middle school age students: These students will be more vocal with their questions and wondering if they are truly safe. They may need help separating reality from rumors. Discuss the public efforts to prevent germs and diseases spreading.

Points to emphasize when talking to children:

  1. Adults at home, school and in the community are taking care of your health and safety.
  2. Not everyone will get the coronavirus.
  3. It is important to trust other people and not jump to conclusions.
  4. There are many things to do to help stay healthy and avoid getting others sick:
    1. Avoid close contact with those who are sick; stay home when you are sick.
    2. Cover your cough or sneeze into your elbow or with a tissue, which is to be thrown away immediately.
    3. Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth.
    4. Wash your hands often with soap and water (for 20 seconds - sing the ABCs to help time this)
    5. Clean and disinfect frequently touched objects and surfaces around the home.

August 2019

08-06-2019Counselor's CornerBeverly Winterfeld, M.Ed

Dear St. Christopher School Families,

Any new school year presents many new changes and challenges. I have been offered the opportunity to be St. Christopher School Counselor for the maternity leave for Sarah. We are all excited that she has the blessing to be at home with her new baby boy coming in September. I feel especially excited to be returning to St Christopher’s, because I was the previous Counselor. The parents and students warmly welcomed me.

Every Wednesday from 8 am to 3 pm, I will be your Counselor again, but just until Sarah returns. Meanwhile, you can contact me through phoning the main office and leaving a message, or sending an email on the school website. Additionally, please feel free to drop in anytime Wednesday, and I will see you as quickly as possible. Feel free to make an appointment.

I will be working with the Teachers, and Administrators like before for the benefit of your children. Please feel free to consult me about any aspect of learning or testing . I am here to serve you and your children. I am so looking forward to seeing you again.

Many Thanks,
Beverly Winterfeld.
M. Ed in Guidance and Counseling

How to Shape our Mindset for Better Results

09-10-2018Counselor's Corner

Every year the season of fall events throw upon us a curve ball for which we must adjust. It doesn’t just happen, but how we react can change our individual lives.

For many families it means the return to nightly homework, extra school activities, and church function responsibility, job changes and holiday happenings. Even in the best of circumstances, change can be stressful and it often can be scary.

Our mindset is often challenged so by learning to manage the mindset we often make the most of our circumstances, by focusing on a positive outcome.

Fall season includes the October 1st Anniversary of last year’s mass shooting here in Las Vegas, Halloween, Thanksgiving and more.


Change Your Words, Change Your Mind: Positive communication with kids

08-01-2018Counselor's Corner

How we communicate with our kids simply dictates our relationships at home, school, and church and in the community. Whether it is verbally or non-verbally we signal our love, hate, approval, disapproval agreement or disagreement through communication. Most adults don’t realize our body language, eyes, voice and smile or frown clearly communicates just as easily as verbally saying something to someone.


In Spring All Things Are New Again

03-18-2018Counselor's Corner

As the school year continues, we are again arriving into the spring season. This is special because every year this is when planting is done, and trees wake up and put out new green growth. This can also be a time for us as a family to become alert to new growth opportunities in our school, community and church.

As we celebrate beginnings and new life in this spring. This is celebrated by the joy of Jesus’s resurrection on Easter Sunday. We know each season is important with different and wonderful things because each is unique to us and displays how God works in our lives all throughout the year.


The Power of Love

02-05-2018Counselor's Corner

In February of each year, we engage in the discussion of Love. It’s Spring and St. Valentine’s Day too.

Love is a difficult emotion to describe for some, while others can explain in detail and what it really means and feels like. Love can be magical, in the air, felt in families, between couples and parents who love their children. It’s important to remember every person can show love in a different way. Cultures also see love differently and each has a unique way of displaying it.


A New Beginning...for the New Year 2018

12-01-2017Counselor's Corner

As 2017 comes to a close, there are many new doors, opportunities and challenges ahead in the New Year, 2018. Many of us will be renewing our commitments to forge ahead with our daily life as usual, but still others will be shedding unneeded baggage in the form of memories or events and grudges, by beginning a fresh, new, more positive outlook filled with goals and challenges.

Some suggestions from professional experts to assist you along your new beginning toward a goal is to be open to different ideas, accept challenges with the idea of learning something new, and always surround yourself with supporters. Faith, Prayer and meditation prove helpful for some, while others enjoy hobbies, music or exercise.


Every Day Choices and Holiday Stress

11-01-2017Counselor's Corner

The wonderful world that God created for us to live in may not seem so wonderful at stressful times in our lives.  Holiday times like Thanksgiving and Christmas quite often involve extra activities at school, parties at home and more family gatherings than normal. This can result in additional stress for families, staff and kids alike.


Friendship...a Life Long Skill

09-19-2017Counselor's Corner

Sometimes teaching kids friendship skills seems trivial, but the reality is this is a life long skill that they will use beyond their school years and into adulthood.

How do I teach my kids to be a good friend, and what do they learn from it?

Kids learn sharing with others, what equal means, and they begin to know what it feels like to win and lose. They also learn to experience the difference between being a buddy and a bully. It is a great way to teach problem solving skills.

Where can they practice Friendship skills?

They can practice at school in the classroom in small group lessons, on the playground during lunch and free time, and being on sports teams allows them adequate time to experience other teammates. As adults, we use our skills in the community; at our jobs and in social activities we attend.


The Rise of the Millennial Parent

09-18-2017Counselor's CornerJames M. Pedersen

Parents today do not feel obligated to prescribe to any singular popular parenting style when raising their children. The recent trend in parenting has become much more eclectic, befitting the diverse cultures and backgrounds of children of the millennium. With descriptions such as "helicopter parents," "tiger moms," and "panda dads," parenting has taken on a much more diverse course. Understanding these details is important for educators to stay current with the latest parenting trends because each approach has reverberating effects in the classroom.

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