From the Desk of the Principal: November Newsletter

11-01-2017From the PrincipalChristopher Zunno

November is here! Where did August, September, and October go? As we enter the second trimester, I constantly think about time. Why do we not have more of it? Why does it seem that when you are making progress, all of a sudden, you run out of time? In education, I think time is something that we never have enough of, but what I’ve seen here at St. Christopher’s is teachers and students making the most of the time we have.

It’s true that the beginning of the year seems to have gone way too fast, but there was so much that happened. Our volleyball teams once again had great success this year. Our JV team made it all the way to the semi-finals in the Diocesan tournament while our varsity team won the Diocesan Championship. Congratulations to Mr. Casper and Mrs. Barnaby and to all of our volleyball players for their hard work this year. Our annual bazaar was another huge success. It is so great that we get to work side by side with our Parish office and our Religious Education office. I am so appreciative of all of you who volunteered your time the weekend of the bazaar. It helps our school and parish community so much. I want to extend a special thank you to our seventh and eighth graders who came in the Monday after the bazaar to help put our classrooms back together as their service project. They worked extremely hard and got our school looking great!

When we return from Thanksgiving break, we will have a very busy three weeks before Christmas break. I would just like to remind you of some important dates in December. December 4 – 9 will be our Christmas Bazaar with December 9th being Breakfast with Santa. December 8th is a half day schedule and there will be no aftercare. December 12th is the Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe and there will be no school. December 20th will be our annual Christmas Pageant and December 22nd is our final day of classes before Christmas break. This is a half day schedule and there will be no aftercare that day.

As November rolls along, we are preparing ourselves for the blessings of the upcoming Advent season. I asked the students during Morning Prayer to tell us what they are thankful for. Their responses varied with answers like parents, friends, life, the Earth, and one even said being able to come to St. Christopher’s. I would like to echo that response. There are so many things in my life that I am thankful for like my wife, my daughter, and all of my family both in town and those who do not live close. Everyday, though, I am especially thankful to God for bringing me here to my St. Christopher Catholic School family. Everyday I see the smiling face of one of our kids, I get to shake hands with the parents, I see our teachers working so hard I just feel those blessings from God. Thank you all so much for bringing me joy every day.

I want to wish you all a wonderful, blessed, and restful Thanksgiving. God bless you all, and as always tell your children that Mr. Zunno said I love you all, and I always will.

  • Chris Zunno, Principal
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