In Spring All Things Are New Again

03-18-2018Counselor's Corner

As the school year continues, we are again arriving into the spring season. This is special because every year this is when planting is done, and trees wake up and put out new green growth. This can also be a time for us as a family to become alert to new growth opportunities in our school, community and church.

As we celebrate beginnings and new life in this spring. This is celebrated by the joy of Jesus’s resurrection on Easter Sunday. We know each season is important with different and wonderful things because each is unique to us and displays how God works in our lives all throughout the year.

New opportunities

Lets examine some new opportunities for defining our Catholic Identity, and specifically how we use our faith and religion in our daily lives. “Jesus knows you and loves you” so teach children how can you witness to others about this is in your daily routine? Make Prayer and the Sacraments part of your family life.

Now, is a perfect time to share symbols of Easter like the cross, the Lords Prayer and the Creed. It is a good family time to discuss the meanings of these symbols. God wants to share eternal life with all of us. You could emphasize the meaning of Lent and offerings as a gift to help people in the community. Perhaps discuss how the church is using the money to help humanitarian problems. The church works passionately and with commitment for local and global purposes as well. Did you know Las Vegas has the 6th highest homeless population for larger cities in the United States, and Catholic schools are reaching out to these people in a variety of ways? Discuss the role your family does play or should play with this needy group.

Family Communication

One to one communication is becoming absent as noted by the Association of Pediatrics. This is because of excessive phone/media usage1 and resulting in depression in teens, which has risen 37% since 20052. Some experts are suggesting families should limit specific phone/screen off time every night. The very best way to enhance vocabulary is through oral conversations. Children need speaking and listening opportunities through family discussion, games and family gatherings.

Additionally, Psychologists are cautioning parents about openly sharing violence with small children because it increases their anxiety. Experts suggest minimizing and only sharing the necessary facts.

You could use this spring opportunity to revive your faith, become involved and help shepherd our children. There are numerous opportunities to volunteer in the church, school, or community for service oriented outreach.

Maintain an active partnership with other parents and all Catholic School personnel, and become actively engaged in bringing the Good News of Jesus into the total educational experience each and every day.

Jesus said” Let the children come to me and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these” Matthew 19: v 14