How to Shape our Mindset for Better Results

09-10-2018Counselor's Corner

Every year the season of fall events throw upon us a curve ball for which we must adjust. It doesn’t just happen, but how we react can change our individual lives.

For many families it means the return to nightly homework, extra school activities, and church function responsibility, job changes and holiday happenings. Even in the best of circumstances, change can be stressful and it often can be scary.

Our mindset is often challenged so by learning to manage the mindset we often make the most of our circumstances, by focusing on a positive outcome.

Fall season includes the October 1st Anniversary of last year’s mass shooting here in Las Vegas, Halloween, Thanksgiving and more.

Here are three suggestions to help us manage a better mindset.

  1. Ask for Help.   A key factor for dealing with change is asking your friends, family or team members for help in dealing with your circumstances. Life changes happen to everyone so they might be able to lend a hand with your situation. Offer community or church resources to friends or family.
  2. Reframe your perspective by making a determined decision to learn from the changes, you can see opportunities to do something differently. This will produce an outcome or desire you might like. Adjusting to a different situation can take a few days, weeks or months.
  3. Look for Positives Life changes in sometimes-painful ways. They are often out of our control and it’s best to not fight them, but learn from them.  Ask yourself,  “What did I learn from this?” or  “How can we best manage the situation?” When life changes in a positive way, or better than we expected, we call it a fortunate happenstance. Some call it a Blessing.

So when the fall changes happen in your home, try not to become overly reactive, but welcome them with normal feelings. Moreover, be understanding for some of your family or friends who may need extra help. There might be periods of depression or flashbacks to other memories. Talking about experiences can be healing. Listen and be supportive in Support groups, church or community involvement.

Change can be a time for growing and enrichment.


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