From the Desk of the Principal: November Newsletter

11-01-2018NewsletterMr. Christopher Zunno

Gobble! Gobble! It is that Thanksgiving season when we take time to reflect on the blessings that we have in our lives. Our family, friends, and those we encounter on a daily basis and give us an opportunity to show kindness and have that goodness in our lives. For me, I am thankful for my wife and daughter, my family in New York, my home, my friends, and, without question, my St. Christopher Family!

The first trimester has been a bit of a whirl wind. First, I would like to congratulate our Varsity soccer team for their Championship! A great job by Coach Villegas and Coach Barnaby for working with this team over the past three years and building such an amazing program. Our Superintendent, Mrs. Thompson, attended the game and was just so happy for our team and coaches. I am so proud to have our school represented so well.

I would also like to announce a change in our counseling program. In September, I applied to Title I for extra counseling days. In October, the state allowed us to increase our counseling days from one to three with the two extra days to be paid for by Title I funds! What a great blessing for our kids! However, with the increase in days, we also had to have a change in our counselor. I am happy to introduce Mrs. Sarah Pecoraro to our St. Christopher family. Sarah is an alumnus of St. Francis de Sales, Bishop Gorman and UNLV. Welcome Mrs. Pecoraro!

As I mentioned in my last letter, this is a very big year for St. Christopher Catholic School. Our accreditation visit is only four months away at this point, so time is moving quickly. We have been hard at work completing our Self-Study so it can be turned in to the chairperson of our visiting team before we leave for Christmas break. At this time, we are working on the timeline for the completion of our goals and our long range plan. What we have completed at this point has been presented to Mrs. Thompson and the School Advisory Board. I will continue to keep you informed monthly.

Our 8th grade class has been hard at work applying for high school.  At my last count, we had 15 from that class take the Bishop Gorman entrance exam in November and about 14 apply to Cristo Rey.  I am overjoyed by this because it means the majority of the students are choosing to continue their education in Catholic schools!  What a blessing that the Cristo Rey network is coming to Las Vegas to give our students a second option for a Catholic high school education.  Bishop Gorman still has two more exam dates, December 8 and January 12.  The tentative Cristo Rey entrance exam is February 9th and it will be held here at St. Chris.  If you are still interested in Cristo Rey, I invite you to apply on their website,   

This year’s bazaar was a great success.  Our games were well received and we had a vast increase on the money made from the games last year.  The parish will publish the totals once all the counting has been completed.  Again, I thank you for all of your help on bazaar weekend.  We cannot be so successful unless we work together for the benefit of our school and parish. I would like to thank the school’s bazaar leadership team, Dulce Martinez, Desiree Perdichizzi, Janet Ronan, Debbie Barnaby, Lucy Alcala, and Jason Casper for the planning and the hours spent here for the two days.  They did a great job with organization, planning and security. Moving forward, I want to remind you that our annual Christmas bazaar is coming up December 3 – 8.  Please sign up in the main office to volunteer.

I want to remind you how thankful I am for all of you.  Many times I hear, “Mr. Zunno, I’m sorry to bother you with this…” There is no concern that is too great when it comes to our children.  I appreciate every single day that you trust me enough to come to me with concerns and that you entrust your children with me and my staff.  As we approach the season of the birth of our Lord, remember what that means to our lives and to our faith.  He was born and sacrificed Himself so that we can live with His love in our hearts and be there for each other. Thank you for all that you do for our community. Have a Happy and Blessed Thanksgiving.  And please remember to tell your children Mr. Zunno said, “I love you all, and I always will.”

Yours in Christ,
Chris Zunno, Principal
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