From the Desk of the Principal: December Newsletter

12-01-2018NewsletterMr. Christopher Zunno

December and 2018 now comes to a close. As we prepare to depart for Christmas break so we can welcome the birth of Jesus and the New Year, I have begun to reflect on my time here as principal at St. Christopher Catholic School. The truth is, I think when a calendar year is coming to an end we all have a tendency to reflect on our past experiences so we know what the next step is for our future. I find myself reflecting a great deal lately with our impending accreditation visit. The thing I keep realizing is everything we have accomplished over the past two and half years, we have done together, and I thank you for desire to see improvements at St. Chris and for your willingness to take an active part in making those improvements happen.

While the time between Thanksgiving break and now was short, so much happened.  Our boys’ basketball season came to an end with our JV team making it to the quarterfinals in playoffs.  I am very proud of these young men.  While they struggled for the majority of the season, they showed improvement with each practice and game and earned a great victory before the season ended.  I love the perseverance these young men and coaches showed this season. 

December 3rd – 8th was our annual Christmas Fair.  This was a tremendous success!  The kids really seemed to enjoy the items that were available.  The choir did such a wonderful job and of course Santa made it!  Thank you again to those of you who volunteered during these days. During this time we also had fundraisers at Crystal Palace and the Glittering Lights.  This all went well and continues to build the funds and support we need to keep the school improvements moving along.  December 5th saw our Student Council travel to Bishop Gorman to participate in a Joint Student Council service project.  This was a great experience for our students. On December 11th, the Student Government from Bishop Gorman High School came to our school to do crafts and play games with our students from grades Kindergarten through 2.  Congratulations to our Kindergarten class for winning the “Human Present Decorating” contest!  What a fun day for our kids!  On December 12th during the festival celebrating Our Lady of Guadalupe, our faculty enjoyed a wonderful retreat on campus.  It was a great day of reflection for us.

Our 8th grade class is charging forward toward graduation.  We now have four students who have been accepted to Cristo Rey St. Viator Las Vegas and 14 have been accepted to Bishop Gorman!  What an incredible blessing for our students and our school. Please keep these kids in your prayers as they continue their march toward graduation.

Our accreditation process is moving forward smoothly.  The visiting team has been selected and the dates for training and pre-visit have been set.  Four members from the team will be from schools within our own diocese and the team chairperson is coming to us from the Diocese of Spokane.  I have been in contact with her and I am very excited to show off our school. In regards to our preparation for the visit, I had to make a change to our calendar in January.  Our original scheduled half day was January 18th. That is now changed to January 25th and January 18th will now be a full day.

As I wrote in my previous letter, we are losing a member of our St. Chris family.  Mrs. Garcia is moving back to her home state of Texas after her husband’s retirement from the US Air Force.  We thank Mr. Garcia for his service to our country.  Mrs. Garcia has been a part of our St. Chris family for four years.  We want to remind her that she will always be a part of this wonderful family.  Once a Lion, always a Lion.  Thank you Mrs. Garcia for all that you have done for our children.

I have completed the search for a new teacher and have extended an offer to Mrs. Gena Lombino.  Mrs. Lombino comes to us with 11 years of teaching experience with a long line of educators in her family.  I am glad to have Mrs. Lombino as part of our team and I ask you all to extend a warm welcome to her when we return from Christmas break. 

This is such a wonderful time of year.  There is so much excitement in the air with the coming of Christmas and the joy that brings to our families.  For those of you who are traveling, please be safe.  My prayer for everyone in our St. Christopher family is that you find the joy in your home that Mary found in giving birth to our savior.  I pray that the time you spend together brings strength and joy to the love that already exists in your home.  I pray that the New Year brings you closer to God and gives you a renewed faith in what lies ahead.  Finally, please remember to tell your children Mr. Zunno said, “I love you all, and I always will.”

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Christopher Zunno, Principal
St. Christopher Catholic School
Travel With God