Our History

When St. Christopher Parochial School opened in September 1964, there was a new reason for pride: our school-aged children would be able to receive their Catholic education right in our own parish area.

The first year was third, fourth, fifth, and sixth grade only. The parish added a new building in the summer of 1965 and seventh grade was started.

The school began with two classrooms. The Brothers of the Holy Rosary in Reno staffed the school. The interior color scheme throughout was pale blue and white. The exterior was painted tan with deep red trim. A flag pole was installed, and an American flag was donated by the V.F.W.

From the very start, the school took on the personality of the teachers and the families who gave impetus to its growth and refinement. Its cool lawns and shade trees, planted by years of third graders, made the grounds ideal for informal classes outside since there was no air-conditioning. Its proximity to church and rectory brought the parish family closer together and helped foster the feeling of warmth and caring for which our school became famous.

In the Fall of 1966, the seventh grade was promoted to eighth, and we had our first graduating class. With the addition of the second building, the office was relocated to the site of the present teacher’s lounge. Since Brother had no secretary, a cubby hole was built into the wall dividing the seventh grade from the office and the telephone was set up on the cubby-hole shelf, and Brother answered calls while teaching.

In 1969, the third building was added and second grade began with the addition of an office.

Today, St. Christopher Catholic School can proudly offer Kindergarten through eighth grade with a solid foundation of classes including Language Arts, Math, Social Studies, Religion, Science, Computer Technology, Art, Music, and Physical Education.