Lion's Letter

From the Desk of the Principal: December Newsletter

12-01-2017Christopher Zunno

Happy December everyone! I hope you had a wonderful week during our Thanksgiving break and used it to have quality family time. We have now completed our fourth month of school as we enter the Advent season. The time of waiting. As we await the birth of our Lord, this is a perfect time for us to reflect on the beginning of this school year and our commitment to Catholic education.

As I mentioned in last month’s letter, things are happening quickly. With four months down and only six to go, things are moving along, especially for our eighth graders. In November, many of our eighth grade students took the entrance exam for Bishop Gorman High School and they will be getting their results before we leave for Christmas break. Please keep them in your prayers as they begin the process of making this very important decision.


From the Desk of the Principal: November Newsletter

11-01-2017Christopher Zunno

November is here! Where did August, September, and October go? As we enter the second trimester, I constantly think about time. Why do we not have more of it? Why does it seem that when you are making progress, all of a sudden, you run out of time? In education, I think time is something that we never have enough of, but what I’ve seen here at St. Christopher’s is teachers and students making the most of the time we have.

It’s true that the beginning of the year seems to have gone way too fast, but there was so much that happened. Our volleyball teams once again had great success this year. Our JV team made it all the way to the semi-finals in the Diocesan tournament while our varsity team won the Diocesan Championship. Congratulations to Mr. Casper and Mrs. Barnaby and to all of our volleyball players for their hard work this year. Our annual bazaar was another huge success. It is so great that we get to work side by side with our Parish office and our Religious Education office. I am so appreciative of all of you who volunteered your time the weekend of the bazaar. It helps our school and parish community so much. I want to extend a special thank you to our seventh and eighth graders who came in the Monday after the bazaar to help put our classrooms back together as their service project. They worked extremely hard and got our school looking great!


From the Desk of the Principal: September Newsletter

09-19-2017Christopher Zunno

And so a new school year is upon us. It seems like we just left for the summer and here we are, back at it for the success of our children. I would like to first extend a warm welcome to our 22 new families, from Kindergarten all the way through grade 8. We are very blessed to have all of you as part of our St. Christopher family and my hope is that you will love it here as much as I do. I would also like to welcome back our returning families. It is you who drive this school. It is your love for this place that is the heartbeat of St. Christopher’s and is what makes the faculty and staff want to be here day after day to work hard for the success of your children. Thank you so much and, again, welcome back!

As I sit here and reflect on the time since we left in June, I can’t believe what we have accomplished. I am sure that you have seen some of the physical changes to our campus. We started with adding a magnetic lock to our main office entrance with a camera so we can see clearly who is coming in and out of our office. Next we added reflective tint to the door windows on every classroom and to the library so teachers can now see who is at their doors, however, it is very difficult to see into the classrooms. The final piece to this is the fence that is now up around our play area. I began discussing this project back in May with Fr. Gene and officials from the Diocese offices. While the process of picking the contractor, getting the proper permissions, and final approval took a long time, it has been worth it. Now that the project is complete I know that our kids are safe both during the day and during after school activities. I would like to extend a thank you to our pastor, Fr. Gene, and Deacon Aruna Silva and Russ Mower from the Diocese of Las Vegas for their guidance and support of this project.


From the Desk of the Principal: April Newsletter

04-06-2017Christopher Zunno

“Alleluia, He Is Risen!”  This phrase will be echoed in churches throughout the world while we are on Easter break.  What a wonderful thing for us to experience as Christians and as we reflect on this statement, we can truly understand the reason as to why our school exists. 

March blew in and out of Vegas, literally!  I can’t believe that we were subject to 85 mph winds!  That did not deter our students from shining once again.  In the diocesan Geography Bee, our team tied for second place and 8th grader Julian Lopez came in 3rd place overall.  In Forensics, 8th grader Allen Morones took third place in the Speech category and 6th grader Ashley Lopez took third place in the category of Monologue.  The UNLV Science Fair saw more medal winners from our school.  Sixth graders Kalia Ronan, Ashley Lopez, Hannia Morales won a third place medal for the invention category and 6th grader Aleksei Esau won 2nd place for his Earth Science project.  Our second grade class was awarded honorable mention for their grade level.


From the Desk of the Principal: March Newsletter

03-01-2017Christopher Zunno

Is it March already?????  It seems like not too long ago we were talking about the 100th day of school and now we are saying that there is only three months left to this school year.  I am shocked at how quickly we are moving along. 

February came in and left with a roar where we, once again, saw our students shine in some major spotlights.  First, at the Diocesan Science Fair, Kalia Ronan, Hannia Morlaes, and Ashley Lopez too first place in the 6th grade invention category.  They created the “Divincibot” and impressed everyone at the competition.  Next our JV Girls’ Basketball team took 3rd place in the Diocesan Basketball tournament. They worked so hard all season and we are so very proud.  Finally, our chess team impressed again.  At the tournament at Las Vegas Day School, St. Chris took home 5 medals and Archer Cortes took home the 2nd place trophy.  We are getting overloaded in the office with our accomplishments!  I guess our students want to put me to work building a big trophy case!