St. Christopher Catholic School would not be able to provide many “extras” for our students without the assistance of parents who volunteer their time and talent to aid the teachers, students, and school in various ways. 

It is the policy of our school to require each family to serve a minimum of fifteen (15) hours annually, with eight (4) of these hours at the Church-sponsored Bazaar.  We appreciate your personal involvement and look forward to working with each one of you during this school year.

Kindly review the Diocesan policy regarding volunteerism, which states, in part, as follows:

(1)  The Diocese of Las Vegas has the following requirements for all adults who are employed or volunteer in our Catholic communities.  Each volunteer must attend an Awareness session entitled “Protecting God’s Children,” also known as VIRTUS Training.  All employees and certain designated volunteers are also required to complete a monthly on-line training bulletin.  In addition to this training, each person must be fingerprinted.  All volunteers are required to read the Diocese of Las Vegas Volunteer Handbook, complete the Diocese of Las Vegas Volunteer application, and sign the acknowledgement form which can also be obtained through our School Office. All handbooks, applications, and information can be found in the Volunteer Folder of our school’s web-site.

(2)  Field trip volunteers must fill out and return the following diocesan forms:

  • Field Trip Liability Waiver
  • Field Trip Questionnaire
  • Field Trip Driver Information Sheet (All Drivers must be a minimum of 25 years of age.  The Diocesan Office will run a DMV check.)

Some of the many activities in which you may get involved include:

  • Homeroom Helpers – ask a teacher what you can do!
  • Attend parents/principal meetings – scheduled once a month
  • Mailings - see office manager for details
  • Picture Day(s)
  • Field Trip Chaperones
  • Fundraisers – particularly the annual bazaar in the fall
  • Lunchroom/Kitchen – help feed the hungry little ones!
  • Lunch/Recess Supervision – be someone to watch over playtime!
  • Coaches and Assistant Coaches – without you, we cannot field our teams!
  • Book Fair – Book yourself a time to help, it happens twice a year!
  • Santa Store – pictures and shopping, what fun at Christmas time!
  • Other Special Events as announced throughout the year.